Happy New Year!

Embrace Your Best Self in 2024!

Thinking Into Results; NEW YEAR

How can you make it the best year ever? It’s exciting to see everyone sharing positive vibes and getting ready for a fresh start. But the big question is, how do you actually make this year great?

First, think about what you want from this year. What tools, people, or ideas do you need to help you change and grow? Remember, if you want different results, you’ve got to do things differently.

I talked about how every day can be ‘day one’ on your new journey. It’s all about recommitting to your goals daily. This isn’t just about a short-term change; it’s about changing your lifestyle for the better.

This journey means fighting against your old habits and thoughts, which isn’t easy. You need to be prepared with tips and tools to choose what’s best for you every single day. Will you choose to live in fear or move forward with faith and belief in yourself? You can’t see either of them, and are always choosing one or the other.

We often get stuck in the past, thinking about what we should have done differently. It’s important to let go of these thoughts. Learn from the past, but don’t beat yourself up about it. Holding on to past regrets can be like carrying a heavy weight. Letting go makes your journey much lighter.

It’s also important to decide who you want to be this year. What would you do if you weren’t afraid of failing, if you couldn’t fail? Think about it. This is your chance to be brave and take steps towards your dreams every day. You only fail if you quit or never start. Everything is just feedback.

I shared a beautiful poem by Stephanie Bennett Henry. It’s about picking yourself up after tough times and moving forward. It reminds us that the difficult parts of our life, teaches us and help us grow. We should be proud of who we are because of our experiences.

So, for this year, focus on being responsible for your own life and choices. Blaming others won’t help and only hold you back. Accept where you are right now and start moving forward from there. Don’t wait for the perfect moment; just start with what you have and where you are.

Remember, you can achieve anything you desire. You just need to want it and be open to it. If you need help or guidance, there are tools and resources available. I’ve been living this way since 2017, and it’s been a game changer.

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