Stuck? Not Getting Results?

Have you thought about what it means to live from the inside out, versus the outside in? How I know and understand this is that 90-95% of the population lives from the outside in, meaning that our five senses – hear, see, smell, taste, and touch guide us. We let our five senses dictate how we navigate through life. From a very young age, I was only taught about my five senses.

What about my higher faculties? The higher faculties separate humans and make us unique from all the other animals in the kingdom. Most all animals, including humans, can hear, see, smell, taste, and touch. What sets us apart is perception, will, imagination, intuition, memory, and reason.

A bear just knows to hibernate. A squirrel collects and stores nuts without being told to do so. All the other animals are used to, and at home in their environment. It’s because of our higher faculties that we are different and become so disorientated in our own environment.

One of Einstein’s quotes is, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Our intuitive mind is our gift. Perception, will, imagination, intuition, memory, and reason. The servant is our five senses. So we have created a society that honors the servant of our five senses and has forgotten our gifts. Our five senses are here for us to enjoy this life and experience things. Smell the roses, touch the soft blanket, look at the amazing sunset or artwork, hear the music, and taste the cuisine of the world.

How many times do you get in a bad mood because of something you heard, something you saw on TV or on social media, or a conversation you’ve had with someone? Maybe you log in, and you look at your bank account, and you’re really upset because the numbers aren’t what you desire. You immediately go into lack, limitation, fear, and scarcity, because you don’t know what you’re going to do tomorrow or in the next couple of weeks. I mean, the bills aren’t going anywhere…

This is where so many people live. They live in this place where they let the outside world control how they choose to show up. How they choose to think and feel. We leave our subconscious mind completely wide open and accept whatever is coming our way through our five senses. And then we keep getting the same results over and over again and again.

So what are a couple of things that you can do to combat this? First, we all just need to have awareness. Watch your thoughts. What conversations are you having? Is it the same conversation, with the same people, complaining about the same things? Do you watch the news for hours on end? Who are the 5 people you surround yourself with? Are they on the path to greatness or accepting things as they are, not wanting to make a change?

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Everything is energy and energy moves in and out of form, never destroyed. We were born in our creator’s spiritual perfection. We are here to expand and live our passions, never to stay the same. Our intuition will guide us until our purpose finds us.

We need to grow every day and have a goal. If we are not growing, we are dying. How are you getting 1% better every day? What are you doing to expand your mind and self-image, getting one step closer to your goal? Do you have a goal? Always have a goal and always be grateful, never satisfied.

If someone’s saying something that you don’t agree with, instead of starting an argument, Bob Proctor, my first mentor and coach, taught me to say that’s interesting and switch the subject. More than likely, you will not change their mind and on the flip side, they most likely will not change your mind. So what is the point of sitting there and just bashing it out? Until one of you is so pissed off at the other you just leave and you’re done? And now you’re upset? Bad vibration and bad energy. What energy you put out, you get back!

I mean, think about the last couple of years and what’s happened to families. What’s happened to workplaces and relationships? What’s happened to schools and places of worship? So much stuff has happened and divided us as a society, as people, just because we don’t feel the same way about certain subjects.

When did it become not okay to not agree with your neighbor? Why is that a thing? I really encourage you to think about that. And really, really let that sink in.

Switch your environment. We are a product of our environment. The language you speak, the food you eat, your values, your habits, your beliefs most of these stem from your upbringing and your environment. If you aren’t happy with your results, switch your thinking. Unwire what no longer works or serves you to what will. To make it in today’s ever-changing world, you need to learn, unlearn and relearn. Without accepting and doing this, you will not keep up.

Be a leader, not a victim. For so many years and I’m talking decades, I was a victim. Poor me, why is this happening to me? How could they? Who do they think they are? I’m going to show them… and so on. I was stuck in an endless cycle of low energy and what I put out I definitely got back twofold!

It wasn’t until I used my higher faculty perception that everything changed for me. If you need a different perspective, hire a mentor or coach. Find someone who is doing what you intend to do or has results you would like to have and ask them for help and guidance. This is a game changer!! If I did it and continue to do it every year anyone can, if they do the work. That is a promise I stand by!

So as you move forward, I encourage you to be intentional about the information you surround yourself with, the information you let into your mind. Our conscious mind can accept or reject whatever comes our way. It’s through the repetition of us hearing things, watching things, listening to things, and having the same conversations that program us. All that information is going straight into our subconscious, forming our paradigms and habitual behaviors.

You’ll either take action or you won’t take action based on your paradigms. So if you don’t like your current results if you want more and you know you were meant for more, you can feel it because we can always feel the truth when it resonates with our spiritual side. Reach out today!

Your dreams, desires, and goals are out there waiting for you to raise your vibration and get on the same frequency so that the way can be shown. I can help you! I have done it myself and can show you how to do it year after year.

Reach out today and start living the life you know was meant for you to live!

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